CES One Chamber in Operation

  • Impact Chamber Operation

    Event Log Cavitation Energy Systems, October 15, 2015

    Single impact chamber operation at the machine and assembly work on the Impact Chamber at the research and design facility of Cavitation Energy Systems, LLC (CES) located within the design and manufacturing complex of Florida Microelectronics (FME) in West Palm Beach Florida. FME is the primary engineering collaborator with CES and is providing mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, testing and manufacturing support to CES.

    We met on Thursday, October 15 of 2015 to begin testing of the single impact chamber design which uses an hydraulic injector. The multi impact chamber production version of the system will utilize multiple piezo injectors where no hydraulic fluid is involved.

    The accompanying photos show the unit without the aerogel insulation and with insulation. Aerogel insulation is extremely adiabatic. The chamber is heated to 570 degrees F and the outside is 90 degrees.

    The first figure shows the assembly without insulation. You will note the pressure relief valve assigned externally.).

    Impact chamber without high temperature insulation

    Figure 1: Impact exposed without insulation

    The second figure shows single impact chamber with the aerogel insulation applied. The impact chamber containment vessel is above 600 degrees F. The outside of the aerogel is barely warm to the touch.

    Impact chamber with insulation appliec

    Figure 2: Impact chamber with aerogel insulation applied

    The following video shows the operation the single impact chamber design. The system is operating at 2 - 7 injections per second and produces continuous steam.

    In the video we control the injections from 2 to 7 a second all are .275 ml. Since all of the water is converted to steam we can calculate the total per hour steam production as follows: 7 x .275 ml = 1.925 ml sec x 60 = 115.5 ml a minute x 60 = 6930 ml an hour = 14.645 lbs of steam per hour. When this is converted to btu (= x 1200) we get 17,574 btu/hr which is = to( /3.42) 5,153 watts or 5.1 KW.

    Our hydraulic pump uses 746 watts/hr and runs 35% of the time.Our recirculating feedwater pump uses 210 watts/hour and the impact chamber heaters use 250 watts/hour. So in total we are using between 720 - 1000 watts/hr. to generate 5.1 KW of steam.