CES One Chamber in Operation

  • Impact Chamber Operation

    Event Log Cavitation Energy Systems, October 27, 2015

    Single impact chamber operation at the machine and assembly work on the Impact Chamber at the research and design facility of Cavitation Energy Systems, LLC (CES) located within the design and manufacturing complex of Florida Microelectronics (FME) in West Palm Beach Florida. FME is the primary engineering collaborator with CES and is providing mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, testing and manufacturing support to CES.

    We met on Monday, October 26 of 2015 to continue testing of the single impact chamber design which uses an hydraulic injector. The multi impact chamber production version of the system will utilize multiple piezo injectors where no hydraulic fluid is involved.

    The chamber is heated to 540 degrees F and the outside is 90 degrees. The chamber has been sealed and there is no observable leakage

    The pressure relief valve has been adjusted to 700 psi.

    The following video shows the operation of the single impact chamber design. The system is operating at 2 - 4 injections per second for one minute and then 5 injections per second for the next 10 minutes and produces continuous steam. The amount of steam produced during this time frame is approximately 1.9 lbs.