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  • Impact Chamber Design Review

    Event Log Cavitation Energy Systems, September 1, 2015

    The research and design facility of Cavitation Energy Systems, LLC (CES) is located within the design and manufacturing complex of Florida Microelectronics (FME) in West Palm Beach Florida. FME is the primary engineering collaborator with CES and is providing mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, testing and manufacturing support to CES.

    We met on Tuesday, September 2 of 2015 to review the design progress on the redesigned impact chamber assembly (ICA). The ICA is the primary building block of the CES modular boilerless steam generation system that will form the core of all future products.

    In the accompanying video chief design engineer Ehren Hampp discusses the particulars of the design and points out the integration of the impact chamber insert, the pressure relief system, thermocouple location, injector housing and placement and physical orientation of the critical ceramic insulation component.

    To view the overview of the design  click here

    The machine work on the essential components is mostly completed as depicted in the accompanying photos. The ceramic insulation has arrived and machine work on that key portion of the design has started. A major shortcoming in earlier incarnations of the ICA was heat loss through the injector assembly. We estimated that 40% of our heat was being lost through the injector and the overall containment structure. The new ceramic insulation should cut this loss to 8% or less.

    Injector Housing Assembly

    Injector Housing Assembly

    Impact chamber Components

    Impact chamber components

    Left to right are respectively the impact chamber retainer which will hold the pressure relief valve and thermocouple (#14 in the diagram below), the angled impact chamber receiver itself, the copper seal and the impact chamber container (#13 in the diagram below). The impact chamber container mounts below the injector housing (#21 in the diagram below) shown in the above photo.

    The 2D schematic cross section of the impact chamber is shown below.

    We anticipate that we will begin performance testing during the week of September 6, 2015. Following the Labor Day weekend. We will evalulate, in conjunction with an independent 3rd party, the electrical wattage inputs (hydraulic accumulator pump, heaters, circulating pump and electronics) and the steam output in pounds of steam.

    Impact Chamber Cross Section Detail