CES Operation

  • Improved CES Construction and Operation December 11, 2015

    Event Log Cavitation Energy Systems, December 11, 2015

    Progress continues to be made on improving the impact chamber test fixture and operating the Impact Chamber at the research and design facility of Cavitation Energy Systems, LLC (CES) located within the design and manufacturing complex of Florida Microelectronics (FME) in West Palm Beach Florida. FME is the primary engineering collaborator with CES and is providing mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, testing and manufacturing support to CES.

    We have been working for the last two weeks on design revisions to our test fixtures and on Friday December 11, 2015 we conducted live tests of which there is a video feed on the bottom of this page.

    Several changes were made to the system. We improved the ceramic insulation that surrounds the impact chamber containment vessel. This was added to reduce radiative (infrared) emissions. The pressure relief valve internal spring was increased to raise the impact chamber pressure to above 1500 psi.

    During this test we operated the test fixture at 5 injections/second and measured the power consumed by the heater, hydraulic pump, injector control and water circulating pump. At the 5 injections per second rate we were producing 10 lbs of steam per hour at 1500 psi. This can be oberved in the accompanying video.

    The first figure shows the impact chamber with the ceramic insulation.

    Impact chamber with  surrounding ceramic insulation

    Figure 1: Impact chamber with ceramic insulation to block radiative (infrared) emissions

    The following several minute video shows the unit producing 1500 psi steam at 5 injections per second. The water coming out of the exhaust tube is from condensation due to the pressure drop from 1500 psi to atmospheric pressure.

    CCES steam generator in continuous operation