CES Operation

  • Latest version of CES Construction and Operation March, 2018

    Event Log Cavitation Energy Systems, March 14, 2018

    Progress continues to be made on the new and improved impact chamber pre-production prototype at the Impact Chamber at the research and design facility of Cavitation Energy Systems, LLC (CES) located within the design and manufacturing complex of Florida Microelectronics (FME) in West Palm Beach Florida. FME is the primary engineering collaborator with CES and is providing mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, testing and manufacturing support to CES.

    The system being tested consists of two of our improved impact chambers whose design was tested and validated during our stay in India. We use injectors from a modified Ford turbocharged 7.3 diesel. The injector controller is a Swamps IDM (Injector Driver Module). The Swamps IDM is interfaced to a Mega 2560 controller board which provides the very precise timing required by the IDM. This IDM will support eight impact chambers although we are presently using only two.

    The first figure shows the control unit beside an oscilloscope displaying the two key control signals. The yellow trace is the CID (cylinder identification signal) and the purple trace is the FDCS (Fuel Delivery Command Signal). In this instance we are using two of the eight available injector controls.

    Control unit and output signals to IDM

    Figure 1: Control unit and output signals to IDM

    The second figure shows the full system which uses a 3hp 3-phase hydraulic pump feeding from a reservoir to an hydraulic accumulator. A 1/2 hp water pump circulates the injector feedwater. The feedwater is heated to 190 degrees F and is pressurized to an average 60 lbs. Heated water is critical to the process as the vapor pressure of water increased by nearly 40 fold over that of room temperature. This significantly enhances cavitation at the injector output nozzles. The control panel has three temperature controllers. The one to the far left controls the feedwater temperature and the 2nd and 3rd ones control the temperature of the first and second impact chambers respectively. The IDM can be observed mounted on the right hand side of the control panel.

    Completed system with 2 impact chambers

    Figure 2: Completed system with two impact chambers and controller

    The third figure shows the same system under construction with a clear view of the hydraulic reservoir and the IDM in the foreground.

    System under construction

    Figure 3: System under construction

    The following video, of approximately 1 minutes taken on March 14th, documents the operation of the revised CES steam system with 2 impact chambers. Pressure relief valves set to 900 psi have been incorporated. The impact chambers have been heated to 550 degrees F and the feedwater was approximatgely 190 degrees F at 1 atm. The system is operating at a low pulse injection rate with an injection pulse width of 5 ms.

    CCES steam generator in continuous operation

    During this round of tests we were evaluating different pressure relief valves from 750-900 psi and varying the injector pulse width. You can see and hear both injectors. One exhausting upward and the other exhausting downward. The noice that you hear is from each injector is from .275 milliliters or basically 1 drop of water.