Our Team

Richard Aho

Richard Aho, the CEO and General Manager of CES, is a man with a vision on a mission. Rich in addition to managing the company is actively involved in research and development in the cavitation energy technology field. He is a co-inventor of the current provisional patent and continues to work on design improvements as well as ancillary applications that utilize CES as well as pursuing new and innovative intellectual properties.

An account major in college, Richard later discovered his genius in the engineering world when he opened Mile Marker, a winch business in 1979. Not only did his new and innovative 2 speed hydraulic winch become a military staple, it became the winch of choice for Hummer.

By 1993, Richard owned a multi-million dollar company and over a dozen patents related to winches. After retiring from Mile Marker, Richard, always the innovator, began experimenting with making steam mechanically. After hundreds of tests and many patents, Richard now finds himself at the forefront of the new Industrial Revolution

Bill Mee

Bill was one of the co-founders of Cavitation Energy Systems in 2012. He has a deep technical expertise and background in electronic control engineering, biomedical engineering and software systems engineering. Initially he was an engineering consultant to the company while working with Brownies Marine Group and later became Director of Technology Development. He performed the original investigational research which led to the discovery of cavitation as the heating mechanism and later worked closely with inventor and Managing Partner Richard Aho in drafting the basic provisional patent covering the company's core technology, of which he is a co-inventor. He has been instrumental in crafting the message of the technology and synthesizing the elements of the basic science which give credibility to the invention.

Prior to joining the company Bill was an independent engineering consultant, working on embedded design and complex Internet based Saas (Software as a Service) applications.

He was the co-founder and chief design engineer for Verimed, Inc. in 1983. Verimed was a Florida corporation focused on the design and manufacture of computerized instruments for use in the evaluation and rehabilitation of neurological deficits of voluntary motion. At the time he was actively involved in leveraging early embedded microprocessor designs and incorporated this technology into a range of instruments that were extensively marketed to the physical and rehabilitation medicine fields. He holds a handful of patents, the most significant of which was for a Proportional Response Electrical Muscle Stimulation System (PREMS). This technology employed real-time surface bioelectric signal data to control functional electrical stimulation applied towards stroke, spinal cord injuries and other deficits of voluntary motion.

Bill earned his Master of Science degree in engineering from the University of Miami in Florida and his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Brown University in Providence Rhode Island.

Matteo Cucchiara

Mr. Cucchiara has been a partner in CES since its conception in 2008. As a former Geologist, Systems Analyst, & Owner of an Import/Export company, and as a present Independent Financial Advisor, Author, and CEO of a Film Company, he brings both well-rounded and international experience to the CES table.

Matteo is the information and communications director for CES, and in-house technical writer. He has multiple degrees from both Fordham University and New York University and has financial experience as a senior systems analyst for both Merrill Lynch & Chase Manhattan Bank.

He is the CEO of Cinema Island Productions and has written three screen plays, authored four books and speaks 6 languages. As a multiple sports Hall of Famer, we have in Matteo a partner who knows how to win.

Natalia Koverznevova

Natalia Koverznevova is a Mechanical-Engineer who graduated from the Ivano-Frankivsk International University of Oil and Natural Gas; located in the Ukraine. In the U.S.A., she continued with her education and earned a Master's degree in Arts & Science.

From the beginning, Natalia participated in, and contributed to, many of the numerous research studies which have supported and proven the value of the CES technology. Currently, Natalia is continuing her work on managing the CES technology and continues to contribute to the company's goal of ultimate success.

Natalia's mission was always to bring something exceptional to this world and to help people increase the quality of their daily lives; Natalia believes that this new and evolving technology is a great opportunity for her to complete her mission and introduce to the world a unique and inexpensive way of using green energy.

Dr. Alfred Cucchiara, PhD.

Dr. Alfred Cucchiara, PhD., has been a consultant for CES for a number of years. "A Nuclear Physicist, who can think outside the box", is what he calls himself. With over thirty-five years at Hanford National Laboratory in Nuclear/Plutonium Biophysics and Los Alamos National laboratory testing nuclear bombs and working with nuclear health science, he is our go to physicist who can understand and explain the physics which makes our engine work.

Not only does he have three patented inventions, including a sub-atomic particle analyzer and a noble gas separator, he has authored or co-authored over a dozen nuclear-related papers, and was one of the featured speakers at the American Radiation Safety Conference & Exposition in 2002 in Tampa.

Dr. Nigel Dyer

Nigel is a technical consultant to CES with experience in bio-informatics, water chemistry and the physics of liquids. Nigel presently has a teaching position at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. Nigel has been published and has developed intriguing theories regarding the physical interactions occurring within the CES system.

Suradach Wankawisant

Mr. Suradach Wankawisant has been appointed the director of alternative energy for CES in Thailand. Mr. Wankawisant has over 40 years experience in the renewable energy field and is presently a Director of Renewable Energy Development at Charoen Pokphand Engineering Co Ltd. which is Thialand's largest private company. He is also the Engineering Director for Metal Pro Lao, a Charoen Pokphand Engineering Co., ltd subsiderary.

Mr. Wankawisant heads the Renewable Energy Development department at Viking Construction Co., ltd., and is the Renewable Energy Developer at Excellent Energy Co, ltd., among others. Mr. Wankawisant brings to us international engineering and renewable energy experience plus the myriad of contacts he has made throughout the far east over the last 4 decades.

To learn more about Surdach Wankawisant, visit his website at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8m0nhLvTHVLbVI0V1dGdFRQbjA/view

David S. Allsopp

David Allsopp is the top financial advisor for CES and one of the original investors. He continues to provide active guidance to the company, especially as regards investment from the UK and European Union.

Prior to his involvement with CES he started several companies in the UK. He began his career managing the London office of Hayden and Stone and then later Prescott and Co. His specialty was in institutional marketing of securities.

He is a graduate of Eton College in the UK.

Bruce A. Pankow

Bruce has been actively involved in an Engineering and Design capacity with CES since it's earliest days. He is responsible for the design and machining of most of our prototypes and continues to provide extensive engineering and design support.

In 1980 Bruce started Proto Tool Company serving automotive, aircraft, defense, agricultural,energy industries. Proto Tool Company has provided continuous service to noted industries from coordinated design concepts, program management, prototype development, short run production. Projects include cad design, fabricate, build and build to customer prints and concerns. Ferrous , non-ferrous, non-metals in material forms such as castings, billet stock, weldments, forging, etc are areas of development and sometimes require product testing , best manufacturing process development. Also a supplier of Tooling Aids, Gaging / Check Fixtures, reverse engineering of components. Design and build machine systems, robot end effectors, ergonomic assembly tools.

Bruce is a graduate of Henry Ford and Schoolcraft College and is a chapter chairman of the Society of Automotive Manufacturing Engineers (SME).He is a former member of the American Society of Quality Control Automation Alley (ASQC).